Lance Sellers 1/25 1952 Cummins Special


The 1952 Cummins Diesel Special is credited with starting the Roadster Revolution at the Indianapolis 500. By mounting the engine on its side and offset to the left, the center of gravity was lowered and aerodynamics improved. The resulting car was only 29 inches high and the driver now sat lower than ever: the roadster was born!
Driven by Freddie Agabashian, the car qualified on pole at 138.100 mph but dropped out of the race after 71 laps when the turbocharger became clogged with tire rubber debris.

The Kit

This is the 1/25 resin kit made by Lance Sellers. It's one of the more simple kits made by Lance and the body is a solid piece of resin. It is painted with Testors "Apple Orchard Red" and "Mellow Yellow" in a spray can.