Revival 1/20 1961 Ferrari 156 "Sharknose"

The Revival Model Company is best known for their beautiful metal-bodied kits. While beautiful, with brass detail parts and hand-laced wire wheels, their kits come with a hefty price tag; some run $200/$300.
However, Revival realized that there was an untapped market and began to produce some of their kits in plastic. They come with some of the detail parts, but do not include the wire wheels. Prices generally run in the $70/$100 range.

This is the metal bodied version of Revivals Ferrari 156. The kit in the box is truely a marvel to see; bright red metal body, beautiful hand-laced wire wheels and an amazing amount of brass detail parts. There are also a few palstic parts to round out the kit.
I will not say assembly is easy, as these kits will try your patience. A good set of metal files and a small screwdriver will be needed to put it all together. Some super glue will also be required. Unfortunately, the kit is not all that accurate and to make a truely accurate 156 will require a LOT of surgery on the kit. I decided to just fix what I could.
I cut the body apart at the nose and tail because these parts are actually part of the upper cowl. I also tried to replicate the missing rivets on the outside of the body. The metal proved to be impossible to rescribe, so I attached thin pieces of plastic strip and drilled holes in them. Not quite the effect I was hoping for, but it looks ok.
The fuel tanks are suppose to be part of the lower body, in fact they the outer skin IS the tanks. Since the tanks in the kit were made to attach to the frame, they were the wrong shape for the body. I clamped them to the body, then submerged them in boiling water, then allowed them to cool.
The added cost of the metal bodied kits is really just not worth it. I would buy these only if you can get a great deal on one, otherwise I would just try to find one of the plastic bodied kits.