Tamiya 1/24 Toyota GT1 TS020

As anyone who has built one knows, Tamiya makes really nice car kits. This one is no different. The body is nicely molded in clear plastic with no blemishes or cracks. The rest of the parts are molded in white, black and silver plastic. A very nice set of rubber tires are included as well as tire emblems.
Decals are included for one race, but with different sponsor decals for two versions of the car. A nice touch is the included paint masks for the white nose. Instructions are the typical nicely done Tamiya and include color call-outs.

Seeing how this was the clear version, I decided I was gonna paint it up half-n-half. I masked off the left side and sprayed the body with Tamiya bright red in the can. BAD IDEA! The Tamiya paint attacked the clear plastic and I was unable to save the body. So... I had to buy another kit just to rob the body parts out of it!
This time, after masking, I sprayed the body with Testors MM bright red and had no further problems. After applying the red I masked it off and sprayed Testors Bright White on the nose. A bit of touch-up was required around the area where the red and white meet. Various parts that were molded in color also shot in red: mirrors, rear wing supports and roof intake. The clear parts did have a slightly darker hue to the red paint then the parts molded in white. I suppose a primer on the body might have helped.