Hasegawa 1/20 Ferrari 312T2

Modelers of Formula 1 cars have been looking forward to the release of this kit and its sister kit for the Monaco GP.
The kit is molded in four colors and has crisp detail. Even though the colors seem correct, you'll still want to paint this. The sprue gates are located in convenient locations on most the parts. Part E7 in my kit was short shot and made mounting the exhaust a bit of a problem. A rather large chrome sprue contains the front and rear wings. The chrome parts look especially nice, but the sprue gates will cause some problems.
Four nice rubber tires are included with Goodyear emblem decals. No ignition wiring or injection hoses are included, but if you use the clear intake boxes, they wouldn't be all that visible anyway.
The instructions are well written with a parts layout, 20 assembly steps and a 5-view for color and decal placement. Some of the steps are a bit confusing but numbered sub-steps are given to make sure parts are installed in the correct order. Take care to note where decals are needed in the various steps.
The decals are nicely printed and are done by Cartograft. Decals are included for Nikki Lauda or Clay Reggazoni. The carrier film is closely edged to the colors and should look good on the car. Some of the decals are marked "preliminary" and "final" in the placement guide, but I'm not sure what the difference is. Helmet decals are also provided, although no driver figure is in the kit. Nor is there any mention of them in the instructions.

This kit was provided by, and built for, Modeling Madness. A detailed build review is available on that site.