Resin Dragon

Unknown Scale and Maker

Seeing the beautiful work people do at contests, I have always wanted to try my hand at a figure kit. However, they were generally out of my price range.
I found this at a swap meet for $10. It was in a bag with no instructions or any indentifing markings. I have no idea who made it or what scale it is.

The fit of the kit was a bit rough, but part of that may have been my fault. Being a "newbie" with figures, I may have removed too much resin when I removed the pour stubs. The fit of the white metal arms was bad as well. I used 3M Spot and Glazing Putty to fill in the gaps.

For the base, I used a product called "Desert Oasis Diorama Set" made by SceneArama. These sets contain everything a person need to make a diorama setting. It also includes detailed instructions. I recommend these to anyone thinking about making a base for one of their models. They're simple, easy to use, can be used for several projects and only cost about $20.
It was first painted MM enamel Primer, the rocks were then dry brushed with various shades of light gray. The rest of the base was painted MM enamel Dark Tan. I then followed the instructions in the SceneArama set and added the gravel and moss. It took a couple applications to get something I was happy with. After it was dry, I applied a coat of Floquil Clear Flat.

I didn't want to go out a buy paints that I might never use again, so I decided that I would use the paints I had on hand. The main color is MM enamel Insignia Blue and the scales are FolkArt acrylic Gloss Sea Blue. The teeth and horns were painted with MM Panzer Interior Buff.
The eyes were painted with MM Flat White and then given 2 coats of Tamiya Clear Orange.

All in all, I had a great time building my dragon. I liked it so much, that I have already started my next figure... and it's actually a real figure!