EduCraft 1/110 paper LUT

This is an all paper kit that I bought to go with my 1/110 Lego Saturn V. Yes, I have a Lego Saturn V. EduCraft makes this kit in various scales to match most of the kits available.

If you never built a paper model, I DO NOT recommend this as a starter kit. The instuctions are somewhat hard to follow and if you make a mistake, you most likely will need to order replacement parts.
Making your own is out of the question.

On the other hand, it doesn't require any special tools.
A sharp pair of sissors, a razor (box) knife, some wjite glue, straight edge and a couple rulers are all you need. Maybe some weights or clamps for holding parts while they dry. Push pins come in handy too.

This is a on going long term build. I started it in May 2020.

I built the MLP structure out of 1/8 foam board that I use for my model RR.
I added some Flame Pit detail made out of plastic 1/8 x 1/8 plastic strips, as I thought it looked a little bare.
I reinforced the inside of the MLP with a balsa wood framework to make it stiffer.
I also added the strips to the sides of the MLP to give it extra detail.

I made a simple jig out of 2 carpenters squares to keep the LUT sides square as I assembled them. I used the same method to join the sides to each level.
I also added plastic strip stiffiners to the bottom of each level.
You might notice that the parts are 2 different colors... I screwed up the lower levels the first time and had to reorder them.
The printer couldn't print them in the original orange, so had to print them in red. I actually like the red better.