Entex 1/8 Lotus 72D

This kit is sort of a "holy grail" kit to me. It's OOP and when you can find it, they go for upwards of $300. I managed to get this as a glue bomb in various pieces.
The kit had been taken apart as much as could be. It was complete and came with 2 sets of decals.

The build is giving me more trouble the other build kits I've worked on. The exhaust was difficult as I had a hard time telling which pipe was which.

The reason I need to get new decals is shown in the last picture. For some reason, the paint and decals reacted to the acrylic clear coat that I applied.
They wrinked badly but it is just on the nose, so hopefully I can save the rest.

I am not currently working on this as I am waiting on a new decal sheet.