Hasegawa 1/700 IJN Ise

The kit is typical Hasegawa and is similar to a Tamiya kit. The kit is nicely molded in light gray plastic and includes a waterline bottom molded in red. I suppose one could build it without painting as the colors are close to the real thing. A rather large and heavy weight is included for installing in the bottom prior to attaching it, but I have never really understood why they include this. The model features a 1-piece waterline hull with the basic superstructure molded in. Mine had a slight warp in it, but nothing that was major. Six aircraft are included and are rather nicely molded. Canopy frames are barely visible, but would be difficult to paint.Instructions are two single pages, with a short history and illustrated assembly steps
I used Gold Medal Models "Japanese Battleship" p/e set.

I also modified the aft deck under the aircraft cranes and added supports under the aft overhang.