Dragon 1/350 USS Buchanan

This is one of the finest 1/350 Destroyer kit I have ever seen! The molding is first rate; even the smallest parts have no flash or other imperfections. The amount of detail has got to be seen to be believed.
The instructions are laid out in 10 steps and include a very nice 4-view of the ship. One thing about the instructions I would like to point out; in some places they have you install multiple pieces of a certain part, but they only show you one piece installed. Pay close attention to the other part locations when you see this.
One thing of note; some of the sprues are marked 1/350 USN and others are marked 1/350 Benson Class. By reusing some of the 1/350 USN sprues helps keep costs down, but does Dragon have a 1/350 Benson out, perhaps in the future? (None of the sprues are marked 1/350 Buchanan, go figure)
Dragon also includes two p/e frets: one containing the w/t doors and the other everything else. The p/e is heavier then something from, say, Gold Medal Models or Tom's, but is very well done. One stickler, to me anyway, is that it contains no search radar for the main mast. I would have left off the p/e doors and done the radar instead. Dragon gives you very nice plastic w/t doors and I would consider the radar more important. Also, they could have included a bit more vertical ladder. I had to search the parts bin to find the radar and a few extra lengths of ladder.
Dragon also includes very nice formers for the life raft hangers and the anti-fouling guards. They take a bit of work, but they do make forming these parts much easier. They can also be kept for future builds.
One thing to take note of is that the anti-fouling guards are left and right. They also have a top and bottom. Although the instructions don't mention it, make sure that you get them installed correctly. (I think I have mine on the wrong sides… I think the "long" leg goes to the front)

This kit was provided by, and built for, Modeling Madness. A detailed build review is available on that site.