Revell 1/110 Atlas Mercury w/launch base

I'm not sure when this kit was first produced, but the instructions are copyrighted in 1962! My kit is of a much later release "All is GO!" boxing I picked up at a swap meet around 2005.
When opening the box, the first thing that grabs you is the amount of flash on the parts. The molds are obviously well used and EVERY parts has flash. The molds seams are prominent on all the parts and a lot of cleanup will be required. The kit is molded in the silver plastic that we are all familiar with in Revell kits. Given the fact that the molds are approaching 50 years old, the amount of detail is amazing. The kit includes railings, stairs, water and fuel lines... it really must have been a sight to see on the shelves of the LHS in the 60's!
Decals are included for not only the Atlas booster, but also for all the ground equipment and the launch base. The decals are thick and have large borders so some trimming will be needed. Markings are included for John Glenn's Friendship 7.
The instructions are well done and include color call-outs but do not give any paint numbers. Some of the placement arrows are rather vague and looking at later steps will help in determining exactly how (and where) some parts fit.