Atomic City 1/12 Mercury Capsule

Of all the space models I have come across, I think this is the most ambitious I have seen. I just wish Atomic City could have made more subjects.
The kit gives you the options (and decals) for all the Mercury capsules. However, the instrument panel is laid out the closest to Gordons Faith 7.
I added wire to the back of the panel as it is quite visible through the hatch. I then used Tamiya tape to "bundle" the wiring harness. I painted the panel various colors as called for in the Space in Miniature book. I painted the interior light gray. The capsule itself was painted Floquil Grimy Black.
The hardest part of the build is by far the retro pack. The lower body decals will need to be cut into seperate parts. The 3 upper sections are all individual decals. All together I think there are about 70 decals on the pack. They reacted well to the setting solution and snuggled down really nice.
I had a really hard time with the retro straps and I didn't think the kit center part would stand up to the tension. I ended up using a piece of aluminum tube.
I built a stand out of 1/8in and 1/16in plastic rod and painted that yellow. The Project Mercury logos on the base were purchased from a company called American Vinyl on Amazon. They are 2 1/2 in diameter and are very nice. The wood base is something I picked up at Hobby Lobby.